Saturday, April 12, 2008

23 Miles & Davis.

Tues - 4.08.07
Today involved cycling. 23 miles from San Mateo to SF. I settled on this ride after i found out SF to Davis would take 11 hrs & I didn't have that time or that preparation. Alex n I went to phonebanking in the morning and at 1pm, I rode out. I would get back at 4:30pm, but not before I shot some photos along the way. The winds were bad. Alex later told me they were up to 40mph. And also spraining my right wrist after the first mile cuz i hit a pothole when I tried reading directions, the cons do not outweigh the pros. It was an awesome ride and I'll do it again.







Finally got to Davis n rode to campus for DSP's Nu Rho general meeting. Fine folks they have out there. No matter where you go, you can always find commonalities. Relaxed with my lil sis for the night and started up the day after.

Wed - 4.09.07
Christina had to table for DSP so I went to campus to see what it was like. The city's full of cyclist. I thought I was in heaven. A grip of fixed riders were hanging out together. I knew I was in heaven. Attended Sudwerks where it's a dollar a pint. 20 bucks, a room full of friends & bros, and suddenly, I was the popular one. Actually, Christina took my money and bought a shit load of beers and passed em out and said it was from me. Yeah, I love my sister.

Mike & Steph. I would later get drunk with them. Good money. Love his letters? I do.

DSC_0128 copy
Arthur's on the blue whip & a friend of

Thurs - 4.10.07
Fugi's $13 all you can eat sushi!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

You remember when Xanga reigned king of blogging and it seemed as though the entire world were your friends? I do.

But in this day of age, there's not room for competition and as Yahoo and Gmail fight for all facets of your life, i chose Gmail's since i can use the same information across all of Gmail's applications. Clever bitches. With that little introduction, my first blog:
I'm in SF again and it's been over a week. I've been cycling everywhere I want to go in this city and there's a thrill riding out here compared to Riverside.

1. The air always feels great. I can breathe. and i'm not sweating cantinas getting from point A to point B.
2. There's always something to see. Whether it's the buildings or the cars that are going to run your ass over, i'm always on my toe tips.
3. It's a city to cycle in. So many riders of all lanes of life.

Just 3 reasons why i'll bring mine up next time i'm here. And it turns out, I won't be cycling to Davis from SF anymore. There's a lot I'll need to prepare for (especially snacks and water), so until then, I'll be doing Foster City to SF. It's 23.2 miles and about 2 hours. Wish me luck.